5 Ways To Get Your Dream Job With No Experience

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    I’ve been there. I know how it feels when you’ve seen the ad for that dream job that is just perfect for you, but, you don’t have the required experience or skills to qualify for that dream job you so want.

    Breaking into an industry or switching to a new field is often difficult especially since you don’t have the 3-20 years’ experience that many interviewers want.

    You would need a whole lot of confidence and drive to get that job. But, there’s a catch. You need skills and qualifications to actually even be considered for that position. We know how it is.

    Well, I’ve got good news for you. From research and experience, several ways in which you can get that dream job you want with no experience have been compiled into a completely understandable list for you.

    I want what’s best for you and you want what’s best for you. So, here are 5 ways you can get your dream job;

    1. Start Volunteering.

    I can hear you say “what???” In this economy, who will volunteer when I’m looking for a consistent salary? Yeah, I understand how you may be feeling. I’ve been there. But when you volunteer, you get exposed to a network of people who are doing the kinds of things you would love to do as well as potential positions that may just be perfect for you even though you have no experience.

    But first, you need to identify the job or industry that you would like to work in. What do you like to do? Where would you like to work? These are questions you must answer before you start volunteering at a company or industry.

    Fine, you may not be paid but at least you’re not idle.

    Second, choose your dream job in that industry. Once you know exactly what you want to do, find out how most people get to have that job and how you can get that job too.

    Third, apply for internships, whether paid or unpaid. You can use Jobberman, Stutern, CareersNG or any other job search engine to search for internships. Make sure you start as soon as possible.

    Fourth, you should just volunteer on evenings and weekends with the company you want to work with. That’s if you’re unable to get an internship with them. Becoming a volunteer can be easier than getting an internship.

    Fifth, work at the internship or volunteer post until you get a job. But make sure you gain the experience and skills you need on the job during this time.

    2. Identify Your Skills

    Okay. You need to know what it is you can do. How? First, take out a sheet of paper and list all of the skills that are useful for someone working in your field or industry.

    The skills must include computer, communication, problem solving, and managerial skills.

    Having these kinds of skills may end up being the thing that sets you apart from every other candidate. They will land you your dream job. Make sure you hone these skills and put them to good use.

    Employers are looking for candidates they don’t have to train from the ground up. So, you must understand how these skills apply to your dream job and then explain to a potential employer when you’re being interviewed.

    3. State Your Accomplishments

    What awards and honors have you won before? Any certificates of commendation? Think about these and put them on your curriculum vitae (CV).

    You can also include accomplishments or skills you gained through volunteer work. Research shows that people gain extensive skills when they volunteer. They also show dedication to work and a cause.

    4. Develop yourself

    You need to develop your expertise especially when you’re trying to break into fields that require a lot of expertise such as film editing, writing, decoration and many more.

    You can develop your expertise by volunteering, starting your own thing – blogging, writing, decorating, etc. Make sure you include stuff like these in your portfolio or CV. You can always show them to your potential employer.

    5. Let Your CV Be Exceptional

    Your CV must be neat, well organized and simply attractive to look at. If you need professional CV designing and structuring services, you can always check out major job search engines like Jobberman, Push CV, and many more. It may cost you a fee but it’s definitely worth it.

    Here you have it; 5 ways you can get your dream job even without any experience.

    Remember that you also need to be confident, dress neat and ace that interview when you get one. Best of luck!

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