Although my generation might not know Late Dele Giwa very well, his reputation precedes him.

For my fellow indomie generation out there, Dele Giwa wasn’t a President, He wasn’t a Governor neither was he a Soldier – He was a Nigerian Journalist, Editor, and founder of Newswatch magazine.

Come back here, am not done explaining to you; He wasn’t your usual “aka azu” Journalist, He was and still represents what Journalism should be in Nigeria and that is why 30 years after his death our fathers and mothers can’t get over his contributions and work.

As a matter of fact, He was assassinated! Eeh!!! in his own house at Ikeja Lagos State by a novel parcel bomb method.

What is annoying is that up till now his death hasn’t been thoroughly investigated to determine who sent the bomb and why. So Nigerians are asking our oga Buu buu (Buhari) to please in the spirit of change help us find out what happened to this iroko tree (Dele Giwa) – because there is no worst corruption than this.

Wait I never finish!, if this is done people can be rest assured that Justice is served and so that when other part of the world is saying black life matters, we too can say it boldly because we defend and fight for one another truly.


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