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    Years back when a young boy in Europe called James Owen told his coach that he wanted to become a great athlete, his coach practically told him the four keys to stardom which are: DETERMINATION, DEDICATION, ATTITUDE and DISCIPLINE.

    The only thing that prevails when everything fails is persistence. Patience is genius and nothing worthwhile comes easily. You want to achieve something worthwhile? Learn to be strong-willed. What separates great achievers from non-achievers is their ability to persistently go after their dreams


    John Mason said. “The truth is that persistence can be a bitter plant but it has sweet fruits”. It is not easy to persistently go after something, but the outcome is always worth it. Most times, success consists of hanging on one minute longer….

    Another secret of winning is

    to imagine daily that everyday represents your entire life; The Power of Dedication. Remember that talent gets you nowhere if you aren’t dedicated enough to improve your potentials. Invest each passing day on something worthwhile; never allow any day go by without taking stock of what you have achieved.

    Again, as you persistently work towards your dreams, stay focused on these words; “I can win” “Problems are temporary”,I am destined to win”. Seriously, never underestimate the power of positive thinking. As long as your attitudes are always positive, your ship to progress can never sink. It may be story now but remember that it won’t rain forever.

    To crown it all, what are those things distracting you from achieving your goals? Is it spending a whole lot of time on social media? Is it the urge to always satisfy your sexual desires? Clubbing? Drugs? Is it alcohol? Whatever it is, it is time to cut them off. Try to be disciplined. Learn to focus more on that which draws you closer to your dreams. The ability to focus is a million dollar asset that most winners have

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