History as it should be told.

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    This short article aims to in a little way tell how we can use history to rebuild or further destroy lives.

    When you tell history and constantly dwell on the negatives with an aim to awaken emotions, sow hatred, divide a people and make them defensive based on their unpleasant past, you are no longer telling history!

    History recounts the past, the pleasant and unpleasant. It’s a story of who a people are! The good part of history take you further but the bad if you are not careful how you handle it, will hold you down because it makes you aggressive, defensive and all out for payback!

    Every people has a story, they keep the unpleasant parts somewhere in their heart when there is actually nothing to gain from it, they draw strength from it when needed but they use the positives to reshape and remake their future.

    A history told that constantly points at who and what is responsible for an unpleasant past and the bad present without highlighting any good and the way forward is no longer aimed at telling history but aimed at awakening REVENGE.

    Dwelling on an unpleasant past reminds me of RadioBiafra. It told the Igbo story with an aim to awaken emotions, and that has held some of the people back because they have refused to let go of an unpleasant past. It brainwashed a lot of the folks. The operators with their cronies aimed to awaken the horrible past and little wonder some of its listeners are filled with anger, hate, bitterness and resentment.

    The hate and terror we see in the world today is attributable to wrong ways and intentions in story telling. It makes a people feel the need to revenge what has been done to them in the past. It drives them to retaliate and pushes them to take the laws into their hands by committing crimes against humanity who somehow they feel are responsible for their unpleasant past and present.

    Tell history to draw strength and forge ahead , you can only heal by forgiving the past and seizing the future!

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