Ladies, Here Are Some Steps To Follow To Make Him Yours.

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    Why do ladies feel shy to ask a guy out? You think its only men who deserve to ask ladies out, do you know there are some shy guys out there who might like you but don’t know how to approach it.
    No matter how intense your green light is, some guys are just colour blind. They won’t get the signal. Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horn. Here are some steps you should take:

    1. Be sure it’s a mutual feeling:
    Maybe, you’ve been eyeing him at church or he works in your office. And you’ve been worrying what people would think if you made the first move. It’s time to let go of that. Just go for it. Has he been eyeing you too? Or flirted with you once in a while and you’ve just been waiting for him to make the first move? Forget all that! It’s your world. Go for it babe.

    2. Find out more about him:
    It’s 21st century, the world has gone digital. There are so many social medias, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. ..etc.
    Do your investigation. Find out more about him and use the information to your advantage.

    3. Be friends with him:
    Start acting all friendly with him. Hang out with him often. If you are a church girl, invite him for fellowship. If it’s possible, like what he likes. He likes brandy? You like it too. He likes football? In fact, your father owns Real Madrid. He hates his former pastor and just changed churches? You hate the crotchety old man too and love the knew “wazzup” church.

    4.Make sure you have no competition :
    There is no girl lurking around. Stylishly ask him if he has a girlfriend. You guys must have been close enough that you will find out if he is dating someone else or not.

    5. Tell him how you feel:
    Finally, walk up to him and tell him “Guy I like you, I don’t know where this might lead but I’d like to give it a trial if you’re willing to”

    Don’t let anyone discourage you that it is the sole duty of a man to ask you out, it doesn’t make you cheap or lose, you just know what you want and how to get it, some men love women who have this kind of boldness, they appreciate you and see you as someone who won’t let them down because your feelings might be higher than theirs.

    What are you waiting for? Take that bold step and be happy.
    If it doesn’t work out, remember how you rejected most guys in the past. Console yourself with the fact that we won’t always get what we want. Let it not discourage you.

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