Love is Love: Stop The Public and Carnal Abuse of It

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    Just read the story of the young Nigerian military officer who fatally shot his girlfriend.

    This article will only make sense to you if you are a Christian or you believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    B. A Kalu shot his lover and colleague, Sholape Oladipupo over allegations of infidelity. Read the story here.

    Going through his Facebook wall, it’s all “I love her, my woman crush, military crush, this that that that love”. And now he has killed her and am like, over what??

    I have always had my suspicion about people who come to the public to gosh about how much they love and love and love somebody. It makes me wonder if such people know what love is all about. And its so rampant amongst blacks and Nigerians in particular.

    I have said and argued it in so many occasions and gathering, a typical black man does not know what love is. Obsession, lust, emotional attachment and all are usually misconstrued as love.

    There is only one kind of love as well as one law of love and that is the love of God and the law of “love thy neighbor as thyself”. Every other professed love is fake love. Be it in marriage or relationships.

    You don’t single out one person or group of persons and start professing #unimaginable love for them just cos they are your relation, sex partner, spouse or kids. What happens to other human beings God asked you to love?

    This misconception and twisting of what love means by several biased commentators is the reason there is no peace anywhere in the world today. An average black man will embezzle billions of our common wealth to take care of his supposed *loved ones* since other citizens are *hated ones*.
    People steal from others to provide for their *supposed loved ones* since the others are *hated ones*. Some people maltreat other people’s kids in other to show love to their own kids since the other kids does not deserve to be loved. Some people jump from one partner to another every month in the name of love especially girls, when in actual sense, what they are doing is a step up from smaller pocket to bigger pocket.

    Love as taught by our Lord and Master Jesus is an unconditional acceptance and respect for the sanctity of life and the understanding that all man deserve to be loved and be showed love hence the law of “love thy neighbor as thyself” not your wife, son, sex partner or friend but your neighbor.
    Jesus went further to say that the greatest love of all is that of a “friend dying for a friend”.

    Let no one decieve you with all those nonsense categorization of love this and love that. Love is love Just like money is money.

    Now it’s ok if you love your wife, friend, son, daughter, parents, siblings or sex partner to the point you can die for them but don’t forget that the ability to do that is not something you come to the public to gosh about cos the true #test of it is after doing the dying just like Jesus did (at which point only the living can attest to it) and not by mere goshing about it in the public just like this young military boy (who are you deceiving?).

    Is just like having N5million and you give a beggar N500, your brother N5k, your sister N50k, your mama N500k, your wife N2m etc. All Na money but you decide who you give the lion share based on your classification of their importance to your life. So it is with love. It is not a public show. The crime is in not giving at all but whatever you give, making it public is HYPOCRISY and an attempt to cause jealousy.

    He killed the girl for suspected cheating, so where is the love?? I should have expected him to kill himself for been betrayed by her, not to kill her. Killing her smacks of insanity and selfishness and not anything near love.

    When you love someone and are willing to show them the “greatest of love” which is to die for them, please keep it to yourself, the moment you start broadcasting it around, it becomes HYPOCRISY.

    Love does not boast, it does not envy, it does not strive, it tolerates and above all it forgives. But some people that are quick to publicly declare “I will die for my love” are the first to kill, maim, hurt, abandon or destroy the same person they claim to love at the slightest provocation, cheating or in the event the person goes broke or moved to someone new.

    It’s a sad story for this two *carnal love birds*. Am sure the boy grew up thinking *love* is by who gives you Jackie Chan style in bed or by who cooks the best meal or provides you with money.

    If only people stopped glorifying this kind of vain love, if only people frowned at this kind of public goshing of love, if only their employers had stepped in, so many ifs. It’s really sad to see young people waste over vanity.

    And Just know that when next I see you, man or woman, goshing in public about loving someone no matter who, I see a killer tendency in you.

    If you so love someone, make it an affair for you and the person and spare us the drama…love is not a public show, its not something to make others jealous about…you are expected to love everyone but if you have those you can show the greatest of love to, keep it to thyself Biko.


    Chinedu Idika is a freelance writer and a social critique.

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