Decisions You Must Make to Graduate from the University

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    While the biggest decision you’ve made up to this point may have been exactly which university you will want to go, the tough choices certainly don’t stop there. There are academic, social and career-related commitments every university student must make in order to progress through their time at school.

    Student Loan 


    Throughout school life we decide if we will take a student loan or not. Student loans are loans given to students in the university. The money is later deducted from your salary after you start working. This money is meant to help you pay for accommodation, buy books or help you in your upkeep. You will have to decide if you will take the loan now and pay later on.


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    Deciding whether or not to have an internship during the vacation is one thing we always think about during the semester. Apart from the fact that it keeps us busy during the vacation, internships go a long way to help us. It helps us to gain some experience in a particular field of work. It also helps us to gain some small money since we might be paid after the period. Finally, doing internship at a place will help us to secure a place for National Service.

    National Service


    The thought of where we will be doing our national service runs through our mind through out our life in school, especially in our final year. We are often scared we will get posted to a village or somewhere far from home. We can help ourselves now if we have internships and also make good friends or join groups that can help us secure a better place for service.


    Adding and Dropping of Courses 


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    You might go into college thinking you know exactly what you want to do (or the case might be the opposite), but you will come to a point where you have to choose the concentration you want your studies in uni to have. Choosing your major will dictate what classes you take, and which ones you will drop. It will also influence what careers you are eligible for and how future employers consider you.


    Masters Degree

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    In school you’ll decide if you want to have your masters degree either right after your service or whether you’ll wait for some more years. In choosing a masters degree, you have to first decide on what your line of work will be. You also have to decide on the course you’ll want to pursue and also your financial background.

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