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    Let me go straight to the point. I mean, no one suggests men and women shouldn’t have equal rights. So by the textbook definition, we should all be feminists. Wait… Why not meninists? Still debatable anyway.

    Truth is, feminism has gotten a reputation in the past few decades of being less about equal rights and more about crushing men in order to raise women up.

    The dilemma for contemporary feminists is that although Nigerian women have gradually overcome the formal legal and informal cultural barriers that previously prevented them from participating in certain occupations and professions, this achievement has not led to statistical parity between the sexes in all areas of social, economic, and political life.

    We see this applied most notably to issues involving the workplace. Because women aren’t 50 percent of CEOs or 50 percent of those in ‘government,’ there must be systemic discrimination, right? Well, not necessarily. Discrimination certainly exists in some places, but blaming that for every perceived inequality does no good and only alienates people.

    This sort of thinking is what’s driving the current feminist movements’ claims of sexism, while at the same time engaging in sexism against men. Believe it or not, men are humans as well.

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