A Non Conventional Approach To Ending Corruption in Nigeria

I will no longer support a candidate whose election promises includes fighting corruption without any real plan on how to do that besides sending EFCC and others to hound opponents. The reason being that, with the fall of Buhari, it is now obvious that everyone in this country is corrupt.

If you are not personally corrupt, you have dined with, abetted or supported corruption at one point or the other and that makes you an accessory to corruption. So who will fight who?
To reduce corruption in this country will require a non conventional, non partisan and non biased approach that is sincere and honest.

I am therefore recommending to any presidential hopeful an approach that will form the fulcrum of his administration’s cardinal agenda and that will be to convene a gathering of those who has made it big in corruption in this country starting from the candidate if elected with his cabinet, legislative big boys, the judges, former political big boys and the business community big boys in a summit to address the menace of corruption in Nigeria.

The theme of the summit should be “Let Him who is Corrupt Cease from Corruption” or “Let Bygone be Bygone”. The presidential hopeful should promise to convene the summit as his first major assignment in power and part of the resolutions to be reached at the summit will be a #honest declaration by all present to:

1. End corruption in Nigeria

2. Granting of amnesty to all the corrupt people of this country including those previously convicted of corruption, those standing trials and those that will never be tried.

3. A PPP agreement with those who have made it big in corruption to use their money to provide basic infrastructures for the benefit of their immediate community and Nigeria at large. (In other words, no need taking our money to South Africa to build a hospital or refinery for fear of being caught. Build it in your village or anywhere else in the country)

4. A resolution by all, that those who have made it big in corruption will cease to oppress other Nigerians who are yet to make it in corruption as well as committing to a #NewNigeria where social justice and equity will rain supreme.

5. Finally, a declaration by all that any new acts of corruption at any level henceforth, will be met with the full force of the law including death sentence.

The resolution of the summit should be passed to the legislature as an executive bill to be enacted into law in addition to decentralization of power and return to regional system of government.

For me, this is the only reasonable cause of action to ending corruption of impunity that we continue to witness in this country, as anything short of that will be hypocrisy and scam to scam. Any presidential candidate who will honestly agree to convene and see through such a summit or something similar and the passage of its resolution into law will be the real deal.

Experience has come to teach us that in a country where the system is skewed in favor of corruption, fighting corruption without being biased is impossible. So no candidate should come and tell us “”I will fight corruption””” no, no, that’s a scam. If you can’t fight IBB, can’t fight OBJ, can’t fight Gowon and all other founding fathers of corruption in Nigeria, who do you now want to fight? Cows and mosquitoes?

So please and please, the time to have new approach to governance in a way to suit our peculiar situation is now.
A presidential candidate who will acknowledge that we are all corrupt in this country and willing to use a non partisan approach that seeks to enlighten all to the menace of corruption and the need to stop now and turn a new leaf will be the candidate to beat.
If kidnapping and bombing can get amnesty, corruption that gave birth to all of that should.

As unconventional as this approach may sound, i believe it is a non partisan and non biased approach to halting the very damaging menace of corruption in Nigeria.

Its an approach that will really harm no one except for upcoming and intending corruption players some of whom are gearing to take their trade to political office come 2019.

The number of known fraudsters and money bags seeking political office in 2019 not to serve but to legitimize their corrupt practices is alarming and we have to turn a new leaf before we all get burnt in this country.

A sincere presidential candidate who is interested in getting more non conventional idea and approach to get elected as president and get Nigeria working again should contact me for more free ideas.

Chinedu Idika is a social critic and a good governance advocate. You can reach him on samcnid20@gmail.com

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