It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

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    Hey you beautiful soul, yes you. You know who i mean

    I know you feel tired, fed up and drained by this life. Know how i knew? Because of the black circles underneath your sparkling eyes.

    Well,i will tell you something, we all are tired,we are all victims of life one way or the other. So it’s okay that you are tired, it’s okay that you want to be alone, it’s okay that you want to stay curled up in bed all day without talking or interacting with anybody, it’s okay to not be okay.

    The next day, you go out only to get coffee spilled on your shirt by a stranger, you get stranded in traffic jam, tick tick the time goes by so fast and before you know it you get to be late to work. Now you have to deal with a horrible not so friendly perfectionist boss, who critises you about your coffee stained shirt and not coming to work on time not bothering to hear the side of your morning encouter, gave you piles and piles of files to work on within a deadline. Well,do not feel sorry for yourself, it’s okay that you are you, it’s okay that you are not the boss, it’s okay that your shirt is not okay… Heck it’s okay that you are not even okay.

    In the very end, our emotions towards daily life happenings is why we are all human. So show the emotion, let them see, let them know if you are okay or not okay because it’s just okay to not be okay.

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