Our Sun

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    The silence froze us
    Froze our minds and thinking
    Froze our insides
    Froze our souls

    Reasoning lost the battle to ice-block coldness;
    That which once was hearts gazing at each other in fondness;
    But not anymore
    We now dwell in the ice of our silence,
    Cemented by our defiant spirit.

    Years upon years;
    Our “hellos” and “goodmorning” spat through clenched teeth;
    Our ice block cold smile plastered on our doll faces;
    And every show put on when friends came visiting;
    As our ice land grew colder and colder.

    Night upon night;
    Our lovemaking grew more and more robotic;
    Every touch left behind the scar of ice against ice;
    Every moan rehearsed or feigned
    As the coldness set us to shiver.

    Then came our dear, Anyanwu;
    On the ninth month she came wailing into the world;
    Her cries cracking the ice between I and Him;
    Slowly but with purpose.

    Two months on,
    And her smile, oh her smile, brought with it great warmth;
    A warmth that frightened the ice that had settled between us;
    Warmth that promised great changes that will rock our ice caves.

    Our dear Child, Anyanwu;
    She set her hot glow around our coldness;
    And thawed our hearts;
    Thawed our minds and thinking;
    Thawed our inside;
    Thawed our souls.

    And our ice block cold smiles cracked into one of great warmth;
    Our “hellos” and “good morning” rose from open mouth;
    Our touch melted the coldness of our flesh;
    Our moans became less and less feigned.

    The glow and warmth that was our Child, Anyanwu;
    Gave us warmth by day and cast her shadow of light upon us by night;
    Our beautiful little child;
    Our Sun.

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