Why You Should Take Those Panties Off at Night as a Lady

1. It is better for your vagina

Wearing tight undies can be a warm breeding area for bacteria that causes infections and allowing your vagina receive air overnight by sleeping naked helps keep you clean.

2. You’ll sleep better

Body being too warm with heavy blankets can disturb your body temperature which declines increasingly as you sleep and studies have shown that sleeping in cooler rooms helps you sleep longer and better.

3. Your skin and hair will glow

Being too warm at night disturbs the release of melatonin and growth hormone – the two main anti aging hormones. As your body temperature drops, growth hormone is released and works. And I know how much we ladies Want our skin to glow ya?

5. You’ll eat better

Since you’re sleeping so much better without all those sweats at night, your body will have more time to recover from stress and leave you hungry for greasy comfort foods.

6. Your sex life will be better

Okay, I know you just smiled! Asides the easy access sleeping naked gives you, you’ll find yourself often in the mood for sex, mostly because of the sweet to sweet skin contact.

7. It will boost your immune system

Yes! Sleeping naked helps you sleep better and sleeping better gives your immune system a huge boost. You look better, eat better, control stress, swive better and you live a happier life.

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