Teach Them To Fish!

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    Many a time, some people always like to give others Bonga Fish instead of Teaching them to Fish themselves.

    This is part of the reason a lot of people are still where they are today in Nigeria. The politicians are the masters in this, they give their people Bonga Fish. That is why today, people will rather have a looter who hand them crumbs remain in power, than have someone who could pave way for them to acquire skills, create opportunities, and have them fulfil their potentails.

    Remember when you teach a people to fish, they can fish out, Tilapia, Cat Fish, Sword Fish and even Golden Fish for themselves.

    That Ty Bello and Jumoke story is a good example of that! It’s an idea of how you use influence to break poverty line.

    Ty Bello could have bought all of Jumoke’s bread or she could have invited her to a meal of sumptuous Jollof Rice with Salad which of course the bread seller may not have tasted for a very long time because she can’t afford. But she somehow showed her the way and today we all know the story.

    Those who you term as poor in the country don’t need just your Jollof Rice, they also need you to show and train them in skills, transferable skills to take them beyond the day they eat Jollof rice. They need someone to show them the “way”, Any way at all.

    We have so many Foundations, Politicians, Individuals, NGOs and Charity organisations in Nigeria that do nothing but manipulate the less privilege for their personal gain. They cook a pot of rice, take it to the less privileged, snap picture while dishing the food and Boom! They have done it. Any wonder we are still battling poverty and other vices irrespective? Lots of them have got no influence on the society. Absolutely none.

    All they do is with a motive of personal gain.

    The cycle of poverty never seems to break for some lot because those who should teach them how to alleviate suffering are manipulating them with Jollof Rice and they too are satisfied with crumbs.

    Poor man, yes you are hungry but for once reject food and demand something tangible for posterity. Ask to be taught how to fish.

    Man shall not live by Agege Bread alone.


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