Typical Nigerian Man

A typical Nigerian man is only ugly without money, a trip to most of their social media account before they started wearing suit and taking pictures in a flashy car will open plenty fowl ynash.

So be very careful how you look that your neighbor without job, who seats from one beer parlor to another. Bros… when money show, he go baff up soo tee fear go catch you.

Nigerian men are just too much; you need to have a face to face appreciation of our men that stand from morning till night at Newspaper stand arguing over each headline as if someone is paying them.

A typical Nigerian Man is far from humble and when he chooses to be – is seen as weak.

He is a hustler and believes in hard work (for some hypothetically speaking), once he has money and can provide for himself and family members – He is okay but not satisfied. No one questions his source of income and everyone enjoy his philanthropic attribute.

A Nigeria man stands out wherever he finds himself, as it is normally said “any country you don’t find a Nigerian, pack up your things and leave”. Simply put – Nigerian go where things happen and where better dey, abi na lie?

When a Nigerian man decides to marry, mostly want a “trophy wife”, someone who is perfect and does the house wife thing better than his formal girlfriend.

There are actually great Nigerian men out there like myself (smiles), who are an epitome of love, charisma, learned and most importantly endowed up and down – if you are one of us “Dalu nno maka amu siri gi ike”.

But I want to talk about a Typical Nigerian Man, Who gets to eat the best part of every meat in a pot of soup, the one that prefers to give a “pitiful” slim and probably beautiful girl some cash and say manage – whereas the wife at home is “coping”.

Am talking about a Nigerian Man that gives account of his daily earnings to that woman around the corner selling “mama put”, that Nigerian Man that comes back home late at night with his wife from work but then goes to shower and press his phone while waiting for ‘food is ready” sign – Oga, if you take your wife out for dinner after a long day once in a while, will your size of dick reduce and stop telling people you don’t eat out because most men that eat in knows how to cook – so enter kitchen once in awhile.

Am also talking about a typical Nigeria man that keeps laundry for the wife to do, “ihe n’eme kwa oo” – so if you wash your own cloth once in a while your pride will turn you into a goat?

There has to be some level of equality in marriage and in life generally. I haven’t seen where it is written “wife is your duty to sweep the house” and “husband is absolutely your duty to go find money”.

A Nigeria man spends most of his time and energy outside home, looking for greener pasture only to come back home and turn into a roaring lion to his children, wife and siblings.

I wouldn’t be wrong to say that most of us men haven’t found a balance between work and family. They are two different aspects of life and as such should be treated differently and patiently.

Life is hard enough to take every word or statement directed to you as insult, or that is reminding you of your situation in life. A Nigerian man has temperament and only the learned ones hide it very well.

A Nigeria man have so much to prove; He wants to tell his neighbor that he is somebody, he wants his kinsmen to know his name and value his worth, he wants to bring out money at occasions and church events and inform people that he is capable and well to do, he has to travel out of the country at least even if is Benin Republic and parade his home town as a foreign.

A Nigerian man’s feature cannot be exhausted in a day, you need to meet one and take note as time goes on.

Jude Queens

An Engineer, A blogger, Writer, Passionate Social Worker/volunteer, Food lover, Vocalist, Dancer, Youngtrepreneur and God's Favourite.

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