#RepYourVillage: The Beauty Of The Irruan

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    My name is Abang Joseph, an indigen of Cross-river state and i want to introduce you to a special place.

    Name of village: Irruan

    Situated in Boki local government, Cross-river state.

    The name is gotten from its people the Irruan which have an old and diverse History.download-4

    images-12Due to the missionary out reach to the people of Cross-river state The predominant religion is Christianity with little of its people practicing the Africa traditional religion.

    Its language is irruwe which is slightly different form the language spoken in boki.

    Residents of Irruan are mostly farmers which produce crops like yam, potatoes, paw-paw with cocoa being the major crop produced which is evident by the numerous amounts of cocoa plantation across the land,  the cocoa is the major natural resource processed for exportation to other countries, traders in Irruan usually buy other commodities which is not grown on the land to sell to its inhabitants.

    The Irruan people celebrate some festivals which are always a delight to attend when its indigenous people whom migrated to the city occasionally return home to celebrate, some of the festivals which includes the New yam festival, the Irruan Boki local government festival e.t.c.

    The Irruan people are governed by a chief who presides over all matters concerning the land and is respected through out the land, he has elders who will succeed him after his time is over.

    Irruan has numerous primary and secondary schools but no tertiary institution.

    The local government of Boki is blessed with individuals who have the welfare of the region at heart some of them include the late Nigerian politician and Diplomat Matthew Mbu who served as a foreign minister and chief Soni Abang the former Nigerian ambasador to Mali and former two time local government chairman   The regime of Hon Soni Abang. Faced with the various task of re-writing the developmental history of Boki Local Government Area Mr. Abang moved with tremendous speed at enhancing the social-economic status of his people by various development initiatives.

    One of the striking achievements of Mr. Soni Abang is the construction of a one-story mansion Governor’s Lodge at the cost of about N13 million closely related to the Governor’s Lodge is Utility quarters built at the cost of N3.5 m. It has 9-5 chalets quarters meant to accommodate needs of visiting personalities. The council has purchased two generating sets to boost electricity supply to the council secretariat.unnamed-2

    The village is a sight  to behold but yet it is gripped by some basic problems like bad roads which lead to the various accidents and the fact that electricity supply in the region is nothing to talk about but all the same the Irruan land is one of the many villages in Nigeria with rich History and a bright future ahead of it.

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