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    #AfricanParents? Wow! Friday nights are very awesome and entertaining on Twitterverse.

    Last night was one of such nights, as Nigerians (or Africans as a whole?) took to Twitter to tell the high-handedness, soft-spots, and very funny sides and behaviours of #AfricanParents.

    For example, in an African home, you dare not talk back to your parents, well, except you are high on some cheap stuff. Even then…

    Truth is, African Parents also are human, even thoughhe only tattoo they may allow is the hands you see on your body when slapped. LOL!

    @Thyger7, @BadGalMaddie_,  @Omoissy and @TunnyKing are to be commended for such an idea.

    Below are the tweets which made it to our list:

    1. African parents totally forget that it’s a two-way traffic. Hahaha!

    2. African parents will complain that you’re unapologetic, but still frown when you apologize. Such lots!

    3. African Parents can be so hysterical!

    4. In an African home, children are seen as machines!

    5. They want to save your money, but it can never be withdrawn.

    6. African Parents love seeing kids stressed. LOOL!

    7. Ever did something wrong in school and reports got home? You definitely will relate.

    8. African Parents just love comparing their kids with themselves. They never realize that times have changed. Hahaha!

    9. The best things of life can only be given to you when you are sick and cannot enjoy them. *sigh*

    10. African Parents are two opposites!

    That is it! Which of the tweets best fits your parents?

    Oh! I’m the author and I did not include my tweet? Here it is:

    Do have a wonderful weekend. And thanks for reading.

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