15 Tweets on #IsThatOneBae That Will Definitely Make You Question Your Bae

Bae that snores all through the night and does not let you sleep peacefully #IsThatOneBae? LOL!

Again, Nigerians (this time, only Nigerians) took to Twitter to question who really is bae?

For those who do not know the meaning of bae, well, it refers to one’s boyfriend or girlfriend (often as a form of address). e.g. “I’m going to see my bae.”

And some Nigerians seized this opportunity to run some promotions like @SalonGspot…


But that is not our concern, right?

As always, @Rouvafe and @FridayTrendsNG were the initiators, and they had everyone buckled and seat-tight.

Below are the 10 tweets which made our list:

1. If she keeps a long face for too long, does she still remain bae?


2. I think cooking and serving is a two-way thing, all things being equal. Hahaha!


3. This goes to the ladies who are plastic cosmetic surgeons. LOL!

4. Oh my GOD!

5. S/he is definitely hiding something. Leave him/her… NOW!


6. Just LOL!


7. But isn’t that why it’s a “password?”


8. When you realize the LIAR OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC is bae’s dad… Jizos!


9. She will drain you, finish you and then go! She is not bae.


10. Why didn’t you write it yourself?


11. S/he may be that fraudster you heard about… Better start drifting!


12. A bae should also talk to you about GOD. It’s not every time parties.

13. S/he isn’t bae if all they bring is sorrows.


14. LOL! You too go and do runs!


15. Bae should also be a playmate!

Which category does your bae belong to? Also tell us your best tweet from the list in the comments.

TARKAA, Moses Kator

Writer and Student of Law, Benue State University.

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