How To Be A Lagos Hot Stuff

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    Do you live in Lagos? Are you tired of looking plain? Would you like to become a Lagos hot stuff? Then this post is for you.

    Now, real quick if you’re not ready for a near 360 change in appearance then you should probably relocate. Lagos is no city for the faint-hearted. So I’d just jump right into some quick steps for the ladies with some balls.

    Step 1: Glowing skin

    One major key to being a hot stuff in Lagos is skin. The glowier the better. And by glowier I mean lighter. Yh dark skinned girls are pretty too but light skin girls are pretty first. No body has time to be searching for your beauty when the fluorescent babes are blinding them with their light. Get on that MisFab real quick and you’re on your way.

    Step 2: Hair extensions

    The longer the better. Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Lebanese. You gotta rock that bum length extensions. Ain’t nobody got time for your #teamnatural when Erica has swept them up with her aunty funmi hair, Sindel style. No carry last oh.

    Step 3: Eyelash extensions

    Yes, I know you think your eyelashes are fine with a little mascara but no, you’re wrong. I mean, it’s okay if you’re trying to be just another girl in the city of Lagos but if you’re going for that vavavoom then I’d advise you faux up. The fuller, the better. Trust me, you need to cast a shadow on your ear balls so these other girls can’t look you in the eye. This is the look you’re going for.

    Step 4: Contour and highlights.

    I don’t know how you think you want to be a port harcourt hottie without investing data on youtube contour and highlight tutorials. Kim Kardashian didn’t come this far looking like a bloated toad but you think you can get by without defining those lines and curves. Jokes. Better fix up.

    Step 5: Find you a popular boyfriend

    You can be as pretty as a peach and dating some dead guy and ppl will just assume you grew up ugly. So you gotta show you got taste and that your milkshake brings the boys to the yard by choosing who you date carefully. Even if you don’t really like him like that, no one cares. He’s a trophy, sling him on and get on with your life, okay?

    If you learned anything productive, share and leave a comment. More tips and tricks coming up. And remember, you should listen to me, I know better.

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