Bobrisky’s Bae Revealed To Subdelivery Man On Twitter (Speculation)

For sure no sane Nigerian  endorses transvestism, but Bobrisky, has in a way, known how to stay on the news and keep us talking most especially about his mysterious “bae”, who lavishes him with money and lots of goodies.

The cross dresser had yesterday, showed off his bae’s legs along with more cash saying his bae was angry he was traveling to London and he needed to go see him to kiss and make bae happy.

Fast forward to this morning and news trending on Twitter right now is of someone claiming he can correctly identify the man in Bobrisky’s photo above.

And has mentioned a name with more pics of Bobrisky and his alleged bae together as proof. The guy sent a DM to Subdeliveryman.
See it all below:

Please note, we can’t confirm how true this identification is, as it’s based on speculations.




See a picture of the bae below:


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