Why Eldee Needs To Take A Seat

    As seen here, definitely not looking at Venita's
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    So this morning, Eldee tha don, rapper and wearer of bitchin shades,

    As seen here, definitely not looking at Venita's
    As seen here, definitely not looking at Venita’s face

    Criticized Abimbola “Amber” Rose and her slut walk in a series of tweets,



    Normally I would use the term “blasted”, but come on its never that serious .
    So naturally, 2 sides came out of this; One side which believed he was right, img_20161002_190402

    img_20161002_190421and the other side who believe he’s being

    an hypocritical dipshit about it. img_20161002_190325img_20161002_190344img_20161002_190334
    But of all his tweets, this is the one I find the most interesting:


    Look, I can relate to that, kids are very impressionable, i know what it’s like to raise a child, I had to reduce my use of the ‘F’ word because of my younger brother (hey ,Mayowa), despite how much I love that word
    I don’t agree with what Eldee said, but I’m willing to believe that he was ignorant of what the slut walk was about, deciding from the name alone that it was about being a hoe. But let me tell you all what it’s really about.
    It’s about female empowerment, sexual liberation and gender equality. Back In 2011, a police officer in Toronto reportedly yelled at a group of women that if they didn’t want to get raped, they shouldn’t dress like sluts. This careless comment was what kickstarted the slut walk movement .
    Covering up everything while dressing might seem like sound advice , but the fact is it doesn’t matter what you wear, a rapist is a rapist , either the woman is wearing a burqa or a bikini. Why do we always take the terrible route of blaming the victim?
    So Eldee, Amber rose was walking not just for herself but also for your two daughters, to ensure that they can live a life of equality, to live a life where they can be free to dress however they want, and be free to be their own person . And that is what feminism is about.

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