Malachi Hemphill: Teenager Incidentally Shoots Himself Dead While Streaming Live On Instagram

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    13-year old Malachi Hemphill who had a gun to his head while streaming live on Instagram with his friends in his bedroom at family home in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, pulled the trigger with the gun directed to his head, giving him no chance at survival.

    According to the news report, after the gun shot, the footage showed his mother and sister discovering him on the floor before they cut the feed.

    Malachi’s mother, Shaniqua Stephens also confirmed that she ran upstair with her daughter and had to break the door open to find her son lying in a pool of blood.

    I heard a big boom. I couldn’t tell if it was a gunshot or what,” she told KHOU. I just knew that it was something that was wrong.

    “We kicked in the door. We found him just laying there in a pool of blood. My daughter screamed and said, ‘Mom turn his phone off!’ As I proceeded to look at his phone he was on Instagram live.”

    Malachi Hemphill was rushed to Grady Hospital where he died. Mrs. Stephens said her son’s death was an accident and not an intentional suicide.

    Also, friends who witness the death on the social media went over to the house. His sorrowful mother told reporters there were about 40 to 50 kids who came immediately the incident occurred on Monday.
    Mrs. Stephens said:

    “I guess these were the kids that were watching on live that live in the area. I guess when it happened they just ran over here.
    “This is just a pain that will never go away. He was my only son. He was just only 13. Just the thought of me seeing him on the floor will never leave my brain.
    “My son was the light of my life – anybody whoever met him – he brought joy to everybody.”

    She told the police she was not sure where Malachi got the gun. She heard it came from a friend.
    Meanwhile, the police department in the state said they are working to find the original owner of the gun.

    Even though the mother said she constantly monitored his social media accounts she could not keep up with the boy’s numerous social media accounts.

    As she mourn the painful death of her son, Stephens advise parents and guardians to monitor their children’s lifestyle on social media and not only to parents, she also told friends;
    “If you see your friend with a gun, tell a parent. Because this is a situation that didn’t have to go this far.”

    This is just one in hundreds of simple ways people lose their lives in few seconds. May God have mercy on Malachi Hemphill’s soul. Amen.

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