[Music] Praise Him by Rebecca Omotosho

The spiritual is the control room of the physical… Praise happens to be one of the most potent, tested & trusted force in operation today. In fact, it is a secret of unending sucess.This is because it is an atmosphere that carries the Almighty God. Therefore, this debut single “PRAISE HIM” is a timely key placed in your hand for continous victory through the remaining days of 2016 into the new year 2017. As you engage this weapon, welcome to your world of ceaseless triumph. Shalom….

Rebecca Omotosho is a passionate, committed worshipper and a firm believer who seeks to extend her fellowship with God to the uttermost end of the earth. She essentially feautures in the gospel genre and operates this grace under her record label, JstPraise Music.
She is currently about to release her new album which is anticipated to draw humanity more closer to divinity. Like she always says, “Praise is an expression of our true nature: Not just in singing but living praiseful,” so live the praiseful life!

Listen and download this song. Let’s also get your review in the comment section.


TARKAA, Moses Kator

Writer and Student of Law, Benue State University.

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