Naughty Diaries: Something Blue, Something Borrowed

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    My name is Amaka and I’ve done some pretty exciting (and rather naughty) things in my life. During the day, I work as a copywriter in a small Ad agency and most nights I act as a hostess in one of the biggest night clubs in town. I love my job – both of them – and they cover the bills just fine.

    The most interesting thing about working in a night club is the vast display of humans. Men and women of different shapes and sizes, and of course the class distinction. My club – let’s, for the sake of this story, call it “The Kit Kat club” – has three sections; the regular, the VIP and the exclusive lounge. If you’re looking to meet young men with spending money, you should hang out at the VIP, but if you’re looking out for the crème de la crème, then by all means find a spot at the exclusive lounge. (If you get past the bouncers, that is.)

    You’d think I meet most of my male friends and uhm, well, sexual partners at the club but no, I really don’t. Work policies are strict – no socializing with the customers. So even with the drunk men ogling me all night, I’ve never gone home with any man from the club. That being said, I cannot say that I haven’t slept with anyone from work; I have.

    It happened one day when I was at the club. One of the sections was having a typical drunken tussle and I reluctantly went to see what was happening. Two bouncers were already on the case, forcibly escorting the brawling men out of the club. I followed closely behind to make sure that they weren’t overly manhandling the men, after all they were still our customers. It was at the exit that I got a good look at the men. It gets interesting…

    Well, one of the “drunken men” was my boss. From my day job. I made to turn away quickly but he had already seen me. He called out my name and struggled free from the bouncer. It turned out that the other man had been the drunk and had touched his friend inappropriately. It was the club policy that anyone fighting be denied entry so it was impossible to get him back in. I followed him to his car and apologized for how his night turned out. It wasn’t my fault but I felt compelled to.

    At this point, I think it’s important a give a little background on this boss of mine. Remember I said my day job was at a small Ad agency, yes well, that Ad agency was run and founded by this man. He was about 35 years old and extremely, you guys, I’m not joking, extremely attractive. He was light-skinned and just about six foot tall. Bald, bearded and a bearer of a quick dashing smile, he hardly ever really noticed me at work. Probably because he was married, who knows. Anyways, that day outside the club, he noticed me alright. Matter of fact, he couldn’t stop noticing me. He kept going on about how he never thought I could look “this stunning”, and how come nobody at work knew about my “secret life”. We talked and laughed and flirted with each other.

    It wasn’t long before he forgot all about the whole embarrassing fight and asked me to come home with him. (Well, duh!) At this point, I was already pretty excited. I talked to my manager and he let me leave early. We went back to his house – a nice place in an upscale environment. Apparently, his wife had gone on a trip and we were home alone. He invited me up to his room and offered me a t-shirt and a new boxer short. He asked me if I wanted him to sleep on the couch and I, of course, said we could share the bed. I mean, it’s not like anything was going to happen. We were both adults who could control our urges… right?

    He got in beside me and pulled the sheets up to his head. I turned around to complain about it and my face bumped into his face. Our lips brushed and I quickly backed away. He wasn’t having it. He pulled me back and pinned me to the bed with his arms. He leaned in close to me and slowly brushed his lips against my neck. I shuddered. I involuntarily  dragged his face up to my lips and kissed him. Soon, his tongue dived into my mouth and played around with my own tongue. He was such a fantastic kisser. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His hands glided down my face and found my breasts. I let out a small moan as his mouth found my erect nipples. At this point, my panties were already soaked and I was ready to risk it all. He reached lower and pulled off the boxer short and then my panties. Before I could even recover from the shivers caused by his mouth on my breasts, his finger slid into me. I let out a loud moan and I threw my legs in the air.

    I was still quivering uncontrollably when I felt him leave the bed. I opened my eyes to see that he had gone into the bathroom or something. I was confused; how dare you to do that!? Apparently, He had gone to get a condom… but he didn’t find one. I blinked several times. Like sir, you didn’t check for condom before you started performing signs and wonders on my body? Are you mad, sir? I took a deep breath and asked him to come back to bed. I mean, you can always pull out!

    My boss wasn’t having it. He started to dress up quickly. I couldn’t believe my life. I just laid on the bed, looking stupid in his t-shirt and no underwear. He apologized and went to sleep in a different room. As soon as I saw sunlight, I quickly called an Uber and crawled out of his house. His gateman was giving me a dirty look and I just wanted to die. Imagine enduring a walk of shame when you didn’t even get any!

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