#BBNaija2017: Top 5 Housemates & Their Chances of Winning on Sunday

The 2017 BigBrotherNaija show that has dominated the Nigerian entertainment scene for over 70days now, has entered its final stage.The show which started on the 22nd of January will end officially this Sunday.

Of the 14 housemates who started the show, 5 are remaining. In this special post here, we bring you the list of remaining housemates and their chances of winning.

1. Tokunboh Idowu
This 33yr old Nigerian half-caste is the most favoured to win the N25M grand price from Biggie. Popularly known as TBoss, she is no doubt the most beautiful and the most controversial housemate in this year’s #BBNaija show.

Because of her flawless beauty and her high profile runs girl posture, she is the most talked about housemate. Rumour has it that the CEO of Payporte (Official sponsors of this year’s show) is one of her numerous lovers. Her number of lovers seem to surpass her number of haters.

The interesting thing is that those who hate her (mostly older women and young male and female Naija hypocrites) does so because of her guts and her larger than life disposition. For those who love her, especially amongst the male folks, she represents class and beauty.

Besides the rumoured bias for her by BigBrother himself which has enabled her survive several eviction nominations, the one factor that will play to her advantage is that majority of her haters are not part of the voting population. They are mostly the ones who consider the show too dirty to be associated with it, they watch it in secret but come to the open to condemn it. Except this category of her haters decides to go public to mobilize votes against her which is most unlikely, we see her emerging winner of the reality show come Sunday. We place her chances of winning at %35.

Weakness: percieved arrogance, deception, snobbish disposition, pretentious.

Strength: flawless beauty, ability to tell expensive lies, international exposure, , godfather in biggie himself as well as sponsors of the show .

Likely Source of Votes: successful & upcoming ambitious runs girls, golden spoon working class girls, working class young boys, rich yahoo boys, Aristo men, family and friends

2. Ejeba Michael 
Those rooting for the 23yr old popularly known as Efe are doing so on the view that the dude is talented and street wise, and that he needs the money more than every other person as if the show is a poverty alleviation program. But unfortunately, there is no spelt out verifiable criteria for choosing winners except for the non transparent voting option. We doubt if talent, street credibility and desperation for the money will make him win.

Most of those talking about him, have the resemblance of street urchins who cannot afford the N30 multiple sms vote or mobile data to download the alternative voting option, wechat. Their support for him starts and ends mostly at beer palours and Bet9ja shops. He has a sizeable fan base amongst grass to grace Naija celebreties like Basketmouth, IgoDie, Mr. Ibu and co.

As the only surviving male  housemate on the show, his winning ahead of the four other female housemate will be a miracle. Trust me, some men are already jealous of him for the luxury of having four women all to himself and has vowed to purnish him for that by voting against him. We see his chances of winning the show at 25%.

Weakness: Using street credibility and local talent as selling point, appearing desperate for the money more than anyone else, no godfather

Strength: God, street wise, raw talent

Likely Source of Votes: Bus & Keke drivers (for the ones that can afford to vote), patriotic Niger Deltans, Bet9ja players, grace to grass artist, struggling yahoo boys, hustlers, unhappy and struggling older women, angry Nigerians, family members

3. Bisola Aiyeola
The 31yr old Bisola is your typical “anyhow” Yoruba girl. Her character in the house so far has a stark resemblance to the lead character Jenifa, in Funke Akindele’s award winning comedy series, Jenifa’s Diary. From her sexual exploits with evicted housemates Tony Thin Tall and Bally to her I don’t care attitude, she is the second most talked about female housemate since the beginning of the show.

Her character is a sharp contrast from that of TBoss and the animosity between the two is so glaring. Her fans are the grass to grace Nigerian girls that see no benefit in “false packaging”. As many as you know that love Jenifa in Jenifa’s Diary, so is Bisola’s fan base. Whether this category of viewers will vote her emasse is beyond our prediction. But we see her winning chances at 15%.

Weakness: her inability to introduce some form of classy packaging in her character, her sticky pants posture and her over confidence

Strength: As entertaining as Jenifa in Jenifa’s Diary, percieved as being real and non pretentious, sympathetic stories of a hard life

Likely Source of Votes: fans of Jenifa Diary, Yoruba bigots, fellow I don’t care girls, randy men and men who love big nyash, family and friends

4. Debie Rise
Debie Rise is a 27yr old talented aspiring artist. The single factor that has kept her in the house till date is the fact she is a good singer, socialble and friend to all. Having participated and emerged the first runner-up of the third season of Nigerian Idols in 2013, she is no stranger to shows. After rumours had it that the MAVIN Records boss, DonJazzy was planning to sign her after the show, her fan base tripled.

Even though the Mavin boss has since denied the rumour, it has stuck like a sting bee. Her most loyal fans are using it to seek votes for her. Whether it will play to her favour on Sunday will be a matter of time We see her chances of winning the show at just %15.

Weakness: Inability to portray a character that represents any controversial figure in the real world.

Strength: She is a talented artist with a bright future. She is beautiful, sociable and a good company.

Likely Source of Votes: celebrity entertainers, lovers of good music, friends and families

5. Marvis Nkpornwi
26yr old Marvis is from Rivers State. She is beautiful and cool in her own right. Her likeable and calm disposition has endeared her to many.

But in a show full of intrigues and suspicions of favouritism, her chances of emerging a winner on the show is very slim. Because of her Niger Delta background with Efe, votes of Niger Deltans who see the show as a call to patriotism in pursuit of the Niger Delta dreams, are likely to be divided between she and Efe.

Whether the purported letter from the Rivers State government directing Niger Deltans to vote for her will make any impact is yet to be seen till on Sunday. We see her chances of winning the show to be at 10%.

Weakness: inability to put up a controversial character besides the responsible “good girl” posture.

Strength: calm, friendly, easily likeable

Likely Source of Votes: good girls in a bad world, some patriotic Niger Delta, Rivers state civil servants, family and friends.

Considering the fierce and competitive nature of this year’s competition, we suspect that organisers of the show might pick two winners in Tboss and Efe. The reason for this will be to avoid any backlash from the supporting camps of the two most popular housemates.

A TBoss win will give credence to the rumors mills assertion that she was unduly favoured by the organisers while an Efe win will receive backlash from TBoss suporters​ who believe that she’s got all what it takes to win the show and that haters are just losers who can’t deal with her classy disposition.

Sunday it’s in a few days, we will be keeping our fingers crossed to see what the organizers of the show will come up with. Till then, we wish all the top 5 housemates good luck.


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