DOOMSDAY: A Story From An Eagle’s Perspective

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    There was something different today. Something has definitely changed within the world. As I soared above the oceans, I no longer felt in absolute control of my environment of which I ruled.

    Fire and brimstone occupied the earth. It was as if the whole earth had held its breath and had stopped, just waiting. Nothing could ever escape my gaze as my vision is unrivaled throughout my lands.

    But this time, I failed to see the very thing that had managed to climb up my hierarchy and now would sit throned above me. With all these thoughts, I had been put off and had flown further than I had first intended. I was now in human territory.

    Out of the corner of my eyes, I can see mobs of the human kind scurrying in all directions as if in utter panic. From my lofty heights, they all just look like ants, insignificant to me in all ways.

    But this time I am intrigued. I fly closer to the unfolding commotion. I begin to share their terror, as before me lies complete destruction, as huge cracks and crevices emerge throughout the ground, swallowing homes and humans whole.

    I perch nervously on a nearby church as large numbers of humans have gathered below and are shouting in agony to an entity that I do not know. The roads are consumed in fire as they fall helplessly into the abyss below. Suddenly I have to fly up again, I only just make it as the church that was just previously under my talons is eaten whole by the monstrous earth.

    I fly off in terror as all life is devoured before me. I feel so small and insignificant now as I retreat with haste back to my roost. I wonder if this is the end of humanity, or the talked about quake.

    Even I no longer feel safe in my high perch on the borders of the heavens, I no longer feel in control as my world is ravaged around me. I no longer feel like a “bald” Eagle as no one now can hear my helpless screams.

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