By way of introduction, I always talk about my parents. They’re the best, so…. You know?

When I was little growing up. I had it mixed in every manner. My grandfather (May his soul rest in peace) normally told me very awkward things, some were true but most were lies. I got to know this only in my 20s.

I once told my dad that his father-in-law told me that all things die and that in the end, even death shall die (my dad won’t remember this).

My grandfather thought it wise to correct a ‘non-error’ thing. He told me that a Gentleman drink is never served unless it is served in a tumbler. He had a day before his death tried suing an airline for invasion. The plane had almost blown off his roof. I remember him saying it was “…trespass to space.”

On the appointed day of his death, the old guy said when people die they go to heaven and it’s cool there: lots of light, music, sweet food, big big akpukpa (moi-moi), sweet kunu (gruel), soya milk and Jollof rice.

I was like ka mimi (for real)? I can’t wait to die!


TARKAA, Moses Kator

Writer and Student of Law, Benue State University.

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