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    There are only two ways to deal with things
    I’m a master of only one
    I learnt from my dad
    And that’s to leave

    The first time I told a girl “I love you”
    It was a moonlit night
    A cloudless starless summer sky hovered above
    It was over the phone. By text

    I could never muster up the courage to say it in person
    She told me she loved me back, as expected
    And that night, she lost the zing I thought she had
    She no longer seemed interesting

    I started plotting our breakup
    I watched my best friend’s dad leave his mum
    I swore I’d never let anybody leave me
    So I made up my mind to always leave first

    My ex girlfriend took me by surprise
    I fell in love with her
    But maybe she was better off with someone else
    Or at least, that’s what she said

    Life comes at you fast
    I always tried to be in control, till I lost it
    One day you’re developing pictures in the dark room,
    The next day, you wake up in the dark

    My mom never taught me how to get over heartbreaks
    So I never got over the last one
    Till I found you
    Sitting there in the pews,

    Like the last lullaby a mom sings for her child before she sees him as too grown to be sung bedtime songs
    Your eyes told a story
    Your lips quavered, but you never spoke

    The first time I said hello,
    I could almost taste the silence
    You looked lost, and I hoped it was me you were looking for
    Your smile is an art masterpiece

    I love when you become a Michelangelo 15th century fresco whenever our eyes meet
    Or our lips speak
    I sometimes imagine what it’d be like, being a child again

    Your kisses are my solace when I get depressed
    And I get depressed a lot
    On purpose
    Come kiss me one more time
    So I can taste heaven
    And what being healed feels like

    *Written by Mehgram.

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