“I love you. And if we ever break up, I loved you..”

Those were the words he told her that Tuesday night, the night she reminded him of their one month anniversary. She had reminded him of how much she loved him. He felt the same, nothing had ever felt so raw and promising. Her voice played in his head like a record, gently soothing his ear canals. Her “I love you” floating through his body, invigorating it with unexplainable affections.

They were the two stars that managed to shine on a cloudy night. They were the young couples that made the older ones feel nostalgic. It wasn’t completely a love story. It was a mixed, short tale of love, bravery and hope. Theirs was a story that dreamed to last for eternity but only existed for two months.

He lost his Aunt. His mother was ailing. His family degenerated into problems he couldn’t wrap his head around. His heart was waning, his physical self was becoming a shadow of its former self. He was drifting farther away from himself.

On a bright mooned night, she talked to him, hoping to re-establish the love they once shared.

“Why are you like this?”

“Like how?,” he replied, with his eyes fixed on the road.

“I love you…is that so hard to understand?”


“Where did he go?”

Surprised, “Who?”

“The man who asked me out. The man who told me love was a big circle and we had to continuously go round it. The man who couldn’t survive without my voice.. Where in  God’s name did he go?” She was in tears now.

“He broke..”

And right there, abruptly, she broke up with him. He wasn’t the man she met two months ago at the Cafeteria. He wasn’t who she knew. She just couldn’t continue helping herself with deceit.

She silently hoped he got better. She silently hoped he fixed the part of him that was broken. And as she walked away, he pulled at her shirt and muttered, “Mom has cancer..”

“How could I help myself? My whole world crumbled in my presence. How, tell me, how could I help it?”

With tears falling down her cheeks like rain on the window pane, she took his hand off her shirt. And she walked away, never to be seen by him again

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