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Best body skin care routine: solving problems
When we talk about uneven skin color, dryness or pigmentation, we usually talk about face-skin. But you will find these same problems on the other parts of our body. We will tell you how to solve them. Also, keep in mind that on Jiji, one of the largest marketplaces in Nigeria, you will always find the widest assortment of quality cosmetic products at the most affordable prices! For example, be sure to check out Oriflame products prices on Jiji.ng . And in this post we will give you recommendations on what Oriflame products to use to have a perfect skin!

Dry skin
You should take care of the body skin as often as of face skin – you should regularly use scrubs, moisturize and protect it from sunlight. If you have dry skin, avoid taking hot shower, because it will dry it out even more. After a bath or a shower pat the skin with a towel instead of wiping it. When you choose a lotion, give preference to moisturizing products and body oils. It is better to put oil to damp skin, it will give additional moisture.
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Unfortunately, you won’t find the product that can help you to get rid of cellulite forever. Nevertheless, you can reduce unpleasant signs of it – and you can make it at home. Use creams that contain caffeine – it pulls water from the fat cells, giving the skin a smoother appearance. Also, you can try massage with a brush made of natural fibers – it stimulates lymph and blood circulation, and improves the appearance of your skin.
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Stretch marks
90% of women face this problem. But there is good news – you can get rid of them! Stretch marks appear on the skin because of the excessive tension as a result of fluctuations in weight. Fortunately, it is quite possible to use creams which have retinoids. And if you prefer the natural alternatives, use products based on Aloe Vera.
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Uneven skin tone
Sometimes you can get the impression that all the best ingredients should be used for face skin, forgetting that our whole body is covered with skin. In order to cope with the uneven skin color, use creams that are rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants and yeast extract. Choose the most gentle scrub with moisturizing effect, and use it several times a week. And don’t forget about SPF protection.
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