Meet Kehinde Durojaiye, A Nigerian Inventor Who Creates A ‘Jet Car’ That Can Move Both On Land & Water

Kehinde Durojaiye is a 46-year old Nigerian man who created a ‘jet car’ that can run on land and sea.

Speaking with CNN about his invention achieving two out of his three goals – of land and sea travel – Kehinde said:“I tested it in the sea and a lot of people were surprised it can move on the land and sea. That’s one of those things that amazes people.”

Kehinde has made four prototype cars from upcycled materials like discarded wood and plastic, and spends hours refining them – hoping that one day he will finally make it fly”.

He told CNN that he has traveled 84 miles from Lagos to Ibadan in the jet car and claims it can move 120 kilometers per hour on land and at least six knots on the sea.

Kenny, a father of three kids, lives in Ikotun, a middle class suburb of Lagos but spends most of his time in Obadia, a part of Yaba that sits on a landfill and offers access to the Lagos lagoon.

The reason is obvious; he prefers to be close to the place where he invents, something Kenny says he has been doing since the age of 9.

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