#Saduwa | Innovative new ways Young Nigerians are changing The African Perspective

Saduwa, the Nigeria-based Afrocentric Social Media app delivers a great experience to its users and helps them to create and share fun African memories. But there will be additional economic value as more people join in – Saduwa means ‘to come together’ in Hausa.

As the frontline African Social Media startup, Saduwa is designed to enable users share fun moments and memories with relatable African filters, emojis, and augmented reality. With a growing number of downloads from as far away as India and Europe, the app is positioned to become the window to the African perspective; the means of propagating and celebrating African experiences one post, one video, and one emoji moment at a time.

Saduwa’s location-based facility enables business users to become more discoverable and to be able to make more targeted engagements with potential customers. Organizations are able to create and customize their own pages to align with their brands and enrich the engagement and improve sales.

Saduwa is already showing great promise in its ambition to promote the African experience. Its show of support of JamRock, a music festival in that holds in Abuja is an important demonstration of Saduwa’s commitment to things African. JamRock has a footfall of over 2000 participants and generates a lot of Social Media buzz.

Saduwa has also entered into a partnership with Flobyt. Flobyt is a Don Jazzy co-founded free WiFi service installed in partnering eateries, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants, cafés and many other locations. Saduwa in recognition of the high cost of Internet connectivity in Nigeria, and how this hampers Internet penetration, entered the partnership to provide free Saduwa users-generated content on the Flobyt platform.

The experience with established Social Media platforms is that they helped spawn entirely new industries and unlocked business opportunities for traditional businesses. So Saduwa will also create economic value for organizations, businesses and private by duplicating the gains brought by established social media apps in an African context.

To download the app, please visit www.saduwa.com

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