SAHEED ADEPOJU: Nigeria’s Tablet Pioneer


Saheed Adepoju is indeed one of the topmost technologists that have portrayed the good image of Nigeria, in and outside the shores. He is a young man with big dreams and full creativity. His high level of intelligence led to the invention of Inye – a tablet computer designed for the African market and beyond.

Inye Device
Inye Device

The word ‘Inye’ is derived from Nigeria’s Igala language and means “Number 1”.  The tablet comes in 2 specs: INYE-1 and INYE-2.

The INYE-1 is a 7-inch resistive screen tablet which was unveiled in April 2010. It runs android 2.1 and allows a user to connect to the internet using its inbuilt WIFI card. It also allows a user to use an external 3G modem from any GSM networks. The tablet offers about 3hrs of battery life and allows HDMI output capable devices. It also allows a user to plug USB devices such as external flash drives and keyboards.

The INYE-2 was unveiled in May 2011. It is an 8-inch capacitive screen tablet that runs on Android 2.2 and allows a user to connect to the internet using its inbuilt Wi-Fi card as well as using an inbuilt SIM (card). It offers about 8 hours of battery life and offers connection to other USB devices.

Saheed Adepoju ’s passion for technology can be traced back to his high school days. According to him, “I was fascinated by computer games. During my school days I met Anibe Agamah, who later became my co-founder. We shared floppy disk drives with various games, and after our high school leaving exams, we both set out to learn computer programming.”

He is currently building applications for vertical markets as he believes strongly that the next scramble would be in this space for tablets. He is also working on Encipher TV, which is a setup box to allow broadcast of locally inclined programs over the internet.

His idea and concept for business came from watching the late Steve Jobs launch the Apple IPAD. He realized that such a product within the Nigerian market would be an instant hit because the Nigerian internet space is saturated with mobile internett and decided to launch a local product which aimed to provide internet access via a mobile internet device (aka tablet).


 He has said severally that funding was his biggest challenge. He had to exit the market in order to avoid huge debts. The tablet market also became saturated 2-3years after he had started which led to a false start.

Sadly, the government did not support the INYE. Saheedsaid that the government was keen to use Inye’s success internationally for their own brand management. However, he had the privilege of being part of the committee that finalized the ICT policy document and it became the biggest highlight from a government perspective.

Saheed has since decided to concentrate on building specialized hardware products with the aim of solving local problems. At the moment, there is a specialized device for vehicle traffic counting which has been out since June of 2015.

TARKAA, Moses Kator

Writer and Student of Law, Benue State University.

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