Teniola Soyebo, ‘The Messenger’


Mr. Teniola Soyebo (left)

Teniola Soyebo, entrepreneur-extraordinaire, the CEO of the Messengers—a last mile delivery business located in Abuja—was born, the second of five kids and earned his degree in Geology at the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger state.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Mr. Teniola is a poet and has had some of his works published in the State English Teachers Association Magazine in his secondary school years and went forward to spearheading the creation of a magazine in his university days.

He was one of the first staff members of Silverbird Entertainment Centre and despite the tight schedule, worked as a vital part of the team that brought the building and facilities to smooth running in less than a month, beginning ‘Thank God it’s First Friday’ for the mall which attracted a whole host of musical stars and brands to Abuja at a time when nothing spectacular happened in Abuja.


There are projects that he plans to embark on and he mentioned a few of them being expansion of his business both regionally and internationally and building other businesses in conjunction with other goal-oriented people like himself. He also hopes to write a handful of books as well.img_1564

In a short interview conducted with Mr. Teniola by a Hello Naija Representative, he had a few things to say.

Hello Naija Representative: What is your Motivation?

Mr. Teniola: “My motivation starts from my desire to become comfortable enough to raise children that can have a well rounded view of the world and it’s unique diversity, while showing them that one can be a success as long as they maintain their integrity and don’t give up.”

HNR: What is your inspiration?

Mr. Teniola: “My Dad. He came from almost nothing and he was able to build something enough to take care of himself and his children. I would love to be like that.”


HNR: Role Model? Mentor?

Mr. Teniola: “Has to be my father”

HNR: Your favorite things? Like color, book, place?


Mr. Teniola: My favorite color is Blue, especially sky blue. It’s one color that reminds me of endless possibility.

My favorite place… “I haven’t been there but I think reading about Costa Rica has made it the place I find the most intriguing. But for a place I like to go to on daily basis that would have to be Salamander Café. It inspires me and you never know whom you might run into.”

As for my favorite book, The Count of Monte Cristo & Team Of Rivals and I appreciate jeans as my favorite article of clothing.

HNR: Any words to the youth and upcoming entrepreneurs?

Mr. Teniola: “Don’t be too impatient when building a business, your focus isn’t profit, it is the customer’s needs. Failure isn’t the end, it’s just a call to re-strategize.”

HNR: You have any business tips to share?

Mr. Teniola: “Always look out for opportunities and a good and strong business takes time to grow and always keep a paper trail.”


Mr. Teniola with his very brave ventures has us thinking about all the not so common business endeavours we have in mind. I say, go for them…

I hope this inspired you like it inspired me.


Later, ‘Gator.

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