World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt caught in Bed with a Brazillian Yori Yori

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It’s seems like besides beign the world’s fastest man, he is also amongst the world’s baddest guy after a picture of him with a Brazilian yori yori went viral online.

The Telegraph reports that Usain was recently photographed in bed with a Brazilian student named Jady Duarte. The 20 year-old Duarte posted photos of the pair of them on WhatsApp, and the photos, which show a topless Usain hugging Duarte in bed and kissing her cheek, are clearly suggestive.

Ordinarily, two people photographing themselves smiling in bed would be a simple case of oversharing, but considering that Usain has a longtime girlfriend –Kasi Bennett, whom he’s been with for 2 years – it’s not the best look. And when you consider that Usain’s sister told reporters that her brother was planning on proposing to Bennett following the Olympic games, it looks even worse.

The two were seen being lovey-dovey on Snapchat days before he headed to the Olympic races, professing “that’s why she loves me” after showing off his abs.


Meanwhile, Duarte, who met Bolt at a nighclub in West Rio and who claims she didn’t even know who he was until her friend pointed it out, said the backlash she’s received after posting the photos surprised her.

“It’s very negative,” she said in an interview with Brazilian news site EXTRA. “I never wanted to be famous. I’m dying of shame. It was not a big deal. It was normal.”

“I’d rather not talk about it, in order not to complicate matters,” she continued. “Like I said, it was normal.”

Ok, but real talk – how do you live in Rio during the Olympics and not know who Usain Bolt is? In any case, Usain has yet to comment on the photos, and neither has his girlfriend. Yikes.

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