Power: Season 3 Review & Talking Points

So finally, I had the chance to binge watch Power, and I know this makes me a Lastma official, but it’s honestly getting harder to carve out 10 hours of my life to watch a tv series. So here are the talking points from Power season 3
My History With Power
Power is a show I should have started watching a long time ago, but the first person who pitched it to me, described it as “Empire, but with graphic sex scenes “. So I kept away from it, because a good rule of thumb for me is, if the sex scenes are the most memorable thing about the show, then it can’t be that good. It wasn’t until October last year that a friend recommended it again and I gave it try. It didn’t disappoint, Power is a smartly written show and is arguably better than Empire .
Talking Points
The Death of Holly

bye holly, we don't miss you
bye holly, we don’t miss you

Holly is a character I don’t really like, because all she’s done really is to drive a wedge between Ghost and Tommy, but I felt bad about her death and the circumstances surrounding it, because when you think about, she (and her unborn child) died because of Ghost. And her death has led to far-reaching implications, because it left Tommy heartbroken and hopeless , in the process making him dangerous, even far more dangerous than Ghost has ever been, because like Milan says (Said), he has no attachments, unlike ghost who has a family and societal status to protect. Tommy has inadvertently become the new rival to Ghost, and unlike Lobos, Milan or 50 cent (I’m calling him 50 cent) ,he isn’t someone who he can just kill, because Tommy is his brother. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between these two in season 4

50 Cent In Love

Tariq is the son he always wanted
Tariq is the son he always wanted

A major theme of this season has been ghosts of Jaimie’s past haunting him; the ghost of Lobos, whom he thought he killed, the ghost of 50 cent who he thought he burnt alive, and the ghost of the serbians ,who he thought he had gotten rid of . But Fiddy was the most interesting of them all. He’s no longer interested in just killing Ghost, he wants to make his life hell. He was just about killing Tariq (stupid boy) before he realized that would be too easy, I think he likes Tariq as a son, the type of son that he wanted Shawn to be.omg-50-cent-kills-his-own-son-shawn-on-power-with-no-remorse-watch He killed his son that ghost raised because ghost framed him,what better revenge than getting ghost sent to jail and raising his kid. More than just revenge though, he gets to have back what was stolen from him- the chance to raise a son.I just hope this whole thing doesn’t end with Ghost killing Tariq. Despite Jukebox insisting they still kill Tariq I don’t think Fiddy is going to do that and he might even kill her over it. power-303-jukebox-kananIt’s weird how they were bonding over things like stealing shoes, drinking sizzurp and getting arrested by fake cops. A major misstep by the writers was making 50 cent cruel for the sake of it (killing the old woman , threatening to drop an infant from a building ) , he would have been a more compelling character if he wasn’t clearly a complete psychopath .

Angela Is A Flipping Beach WhalePower Season 3
It’s somewhat ironic that Ghost gets arrested by Angela at the club, mere moments after he took out Milan, at the same place where they first met as adults(i don’t really understand what irony means) . Also, double irony that this is one of the few times that Ghost is innocent of what he’s being accused of . There’s no question about it, Angela is simply a manipulative beach ball, who now feels guilty about what she did to Greg (poor Greg).power-308-greg-angela Of course she knows that Ghost can’t be realistically charged for his murder, but a drug dealer in the custody of the police is never a good thing.
As much as I blame Angela, the fault lies equally on Ghost. He always has the need to compartmentalize information to those close to him, now it has blown up in his face . If he had told her the truth about Milan and why he needs to stay away from her, she would have understood and this would have saved them both a lot of trouble and maybe even Greg’s life.
Also, she’s totally a bitch.

Milan The Cannibal40476de2c9b486f7ce376cff2474c4ab
“You finally Killed Lobos, didn’t you? ” . That sentence gave me a HOLY SHIT moment. But I didn’t think too deep about it, I just assumed he would know about Lobos because he was really proactive about his job. The only previous mention about Milan was a throwaway line in season 2 when Vladimir calls him “a cannibal motherfucker”. The Dean/Milan reveal was executed to perfection such that you understand jaimie’s fears and why he instantly obeys Milan’s orders but still wants to kill him, He is clearly an unstable killer who knows him inside out, every single detail about him. I’m only disappointed that he we didn’t get to see him eat someone. The moment I saw Callan Mulvey my mind wasn’t at rest at all. He acted as a Hydra agent in Winter soilder, he was part of the contigent that unsuccessfully tried to take out cap in the elevator scene

we know how you feel, cap
we know how you feel, cap

, and he was also in Batman v superman as one of Lex luthor’s goons, he’s the guy who destroys the camera to find the tracker in Nairomi.

this asshole!
this asshole!

Where was I? Okay he’s dead now, but he’s set Tommy against Ghost, so even in death, Ghost will never truly win Milan.

Final thoughts

  • Lobos went out like a bitch, I expected a much more glamorous death
  • 50 cent already visited Ghost’s house , didn’t he meet Tariq then?
  • I fast fowarded through a lot of sex scenes, apparently I’m not alone in this
  • Poor Lakeisha, Tommy probably killed her
  • Tariq is too stupid for his age, 50 cent used reverse psychology on him one time too many
  • “What is this Tony the tiger looking motherfucker doing here?” OHHH!!!!
  • Andre should have told ghost that Fiddy was back, Fiddy don’t forgive and will still kill he and his daughter regardless
  • Those “Korean mob” guys look nothing like Koreans, they look Japanese , which is pretty ironic
  • Greg is unbearably naïve, did he think that his best course of action was to confront Sandoval?
  • Sorry Greg, you can’t cheat death, you can’t take 2 machine gun shots to the chest and expect death to be happy
  • Holly’s death was weird, I just thought she was going to pass out, then at the hospital Tommy finds out about the pregnancy, apparently the show runners had other ideas
  • “You were his mid-life crisis, crisis over”. ZING!!!
  • I guess that psychopath blood runs through Jukebox as well
  • Julio is lowkey one of my favorite characters, I hope they don’t kill him , he’s like the Meechum of power
  • Speaking of house of cards, this season we’ve seen Ghost at his weakest and his most vulnerable, just like Frank in season 3 of house of cards
  • I had honestly forgotten about Ghost’s third child, but I remember she swallowed a dolphin key chain in season 1

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