Top 12 Most Searched Contents on Google Nigeria

2016 has been a year of major events both around the world and in Nigeria — from the Rio 2016 Olympic games to the US presidential elections.

For Nigerians, the highlight of the year was Donald Trump becoming President-elect of the USA, at least if their Google search history is anything to go by.

Trump topped the list of people searched on Google in Nigeria in 2016. Second was Stephen Keshi, who was also the person trending the most in Google searches in Nigeria for people in sports, while Mohammed Ali was third.

But what are the questions Nigerians asked the most in 2016?

In the ‘HOW TO‘ category, Nigerians asked the search engine:

1) How to DJ a party

2) How to stop auto-renewal on Glo

3) How to know an original Iphone 5S

4) How to style twist braids

5) How to munch on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

6) How to take care of Pigs

While in the ‘WHAT IS‘ category, Nigerians asked mostly:

1) What is in the newspapers today?

2) What is the latest Manchester United news?

3) What is the meaning of love?

4) What is Public Relations?

5) What is telecommunications?

6) What is MMM?

TARKAA, Moses Kator

Writer and Student of Law, Benue State University.

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